Hanukkah Cooking with the Kellys

I am proud to say that my husband and I have taken our Hanukkah cooking especially seriously this year. Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen and Molly Yeh of Girl Meets Farm are my go tos when it comes to recipes for Jewish holidays, and they did not let us down with their Hanukkah recipes.


My husband LOVES potatoes, and latkes are serious business in our household. We found this recipe from Molly Yeh for latkes with carmelized onion sour cream, and they were magical. The carmelized onions added so much depth of flavor to the sour cream, and the latkes themselves were perfectly crispy and delicious. I will 100% be adding this recipe to our yearly rotation.

Kale Salad with Savory Sufganiyot

Kale salads have become my fall/winter go to. I was eager to try this recipe as I watch Molly Yeh make this on TV, but I was nervous to make my own sufganiyot. Using the biscuit dough made the doughnuts very easy. We did have some issues with piping the jam into the doughnuts, but I think that was more on us (and our piping bag) than on the recipe or the jam. The onion jam itself was a lovely mix of savory and sweet, and it felt so appropriate as part of a Hanukkah dish. The salad dressing in this recipe was also delightful. It was tangy and creamy, but it didn’t feel too heavy. I definitely will be making the dressing again.


We make brisket for pretty much every Jewish holiday in our household, and Hanukkah is no exception. We picked up brisket from the fancy butcher on our street, which was an excellent choice. This Smitten Kitchen recipe is our go to. We use our Instant Pot to make it, and it always turns out rich and tender. It also always fills our apartment with the most heavenly smell.

Hazelnut Gelt Cookies

There are so many Christmas sugar cookies in the world, and we certainly need more Hanukkah cookie recipes. This one from Molly Yeh was a lot of fun. The hazelnuts in the dough give them a little bit of a crunchy texture that sets these apart from other cookies. We also had so much fun cutting them into Hanukkah shapes and decorating them with chocolate and sprinkles.

Let me know what your favorite Hanukkah recipes are or if you’ve made any of the recipes we made this year!

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