The Quest for the Best Burrito in NYC

I love burritos. They are my favorite food. One day, I discovered an Instagram account (beli_eats) through my discover page that was trying all of the best burrito spots in NYC. I immediately wanted to try many of them, so I embarked on my own journey through many of the spots they visited.


  • Location: Various locations across the city
  • What I ordered: Adobada “Al Pastor”
  • Cost: $12.95
  • Thoughts: The tortilla on this burrito was hearty and flavorful. Otherwise, this one was somewhat of a disappointment. The burrito was very dry, and I found myself wanting guacamole and/or salsa to liven it up. There was a good amount of crunch to this one from the cabbage and other veggies, which is not the predominant texture I want from a burrito. This burrito was not messy and stayed together very well.

El Burrito Box

  • Location: 885 9th Ave, Manhattan
  • What I ordered: Carnitas Burrito with Guac
  • Cost: $13 (guac is $1.75 extra)
  • Thoughts: El Burrito Box was a favorite of my husband’s in law school, but I certainly haven’t been there as many times as he has. This burrito was bursting with filling and delicious combinations of flavors, but it was very messy. I ended up eating much of it with a fork. The sour cream and salsa was plenty to keep this burrito from being dry, so I wouldn’t add guacamole next time. The salsa that came with this burrito had the perfect amount of spice for me.

Electric Burrito

  • Location: 81 Saint Marks Place, Manhattan
  • What I ordered: Carnitas California Burrito
  • Cost: $12
  • Thoughts: The french fries included in this burrito added a lovely warmth that made this burrito the ultimate comfort food. The meat was well-seasoned and the tomato salsa added a nice freshness. The crema that came on the side was delicous and the perfect compliment to the flavors as well. This burrito made me feel like I was in Southern California.

El Gallo Taqueria

  • Location: Brooklyn, Nolita, UWS coming soon
  • What I ordered: Baby burrito with carnitas
  • Cost: $8
  • Thoughts: First, I will say that I loved that El Gallo has a “baby burrito” option as I often wish other places did. It was the perfect size for me. The cheesiness of this burrito gave it a delightful gooeyness that I enjoyed. I also loved the option (at least on Door Dash) to choose between cheddar and Monterrey cheese. The guacamole was a little too spicy for me, which made certain bites a little overwhelming. I look forward to the location opening a few blocks away from me, so I can try more of their many different filling options.

Taqueria Diana

  • Location: East Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Williamsburg
  • What I ordered: Carnitas burrito
  • Cost: $11
  • Thoughts: This burrito was very classic and “no frills.” No one element overpowered any other as each element (the rice, meat) was perfectly seasoned and came together so well. The chips that we ordered along with our burritos were warm and very fresh, which really added to the experience. I certainly will be returning here when I’m in Midtown to see a show.

El Tepeyac Food Market

  • Location: 1621 A Lexington Ave, Manhattan
  • What I ordered: Burrito de Bistec
  • Cost: $9.50
  • Thoughts: The tortilla on this burrito was nicely browned, which added extra sturdiness to the whole dish. The guacamole was lemony, which gave it a nice and fresh zing. I appreciated that I had different options for how spicy I wanted the guacamole as well. The meat was nicely seasoned, but it was a little bit burnt. The mozzarella cheese really came through on this one, which is a very important element for me. At $9.50, this one is also a very good price performer.

Summer Salt

  • Location: 30 E 23rd St and 275 Madison Avenue, Manhattan
  • What I ordered: Carne Asada Cali Burrito
  • Cost: $12.75 ($1.85 to add guacamole)
  • Thoughts: This was probably my favorite of the burritos on this journey. The first bite just exploded with flavor. The meat was rich and exquisitely seasoned and cooked. It had a warmth and tanginess to its flavor. The french fries also added a level of depth of flavor. The burrito came with both a pico de gallo salsa and another mild salsa, which added the perfect amount of kick to the dish. My only regret is that there isn’t a location closer to where I live.

Benny’s Burritos

  • Location: 113 Greenwich Ave, Manhattan
  • What I ordered: Grilled Steak Burrito
  • Cost: $16
  • Thoughts: We discovered that this place is connected to Blockheads, one of our favorite pre-Theater spots. One of my favorite things about this burrito was that the sour cream and salsa came on the side, so I could control the ratio of flavors in each bite. The Spanish rice was well spiced and full of flavor. The steak was well cooked, but it didn’t hit me with flavor. The pieces of meat were a little too big, which made some bites hard to eat.

Super Burrito

  • Location: 190 Beach 69th St, Queens
  • What I ordered: Al Pasto Burrito
  • Cost: $10.95 (+1.25 for avocado)
  • Thoughts: There is something lovely about this place that is right on the beach in Rockaway. I felt almost transported to Southern California. This burrito took “Super” very seriously and was huge, so my husband and I decided to split one. The meat was saucy and spicy, and that flavor permeated the burrito. My one complaint is that there wasn’t enough cheese.

The Winner

My favorite was Summer Salt, and my husband’s favorite was Electric Burrito. I think we have a soft spot for San Diego style burritos in our household. We are also very excited to get an El Gallo Taqueria near us soon!

Please let me know if there are any NYC burritos that we still need to try!

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