Tips for Cheap Theater Tickets

I go to the theater a lot, and I don’t tend to spend more than $45 on a ticket to a Broadway show. People frequently ask me how I make that happen, so here are some of my best tips and tricks.

  • Rush Tickets
    • Several Broadway shows offer a limited number of $30-40 dollar Rush tickets starting at box office opening time (usually 10 am Saturday – Friday, 12 pm Sunday)
    • These tickets are sometimes partial view, but that usually only affects a small sliver of the stage
    • Depending on which show you’re interesting in rushing, you may need to show up considerably before the box office opens in order to line up to buy rush tickets.
    • Some shows have a digital rush through the TodayTix app.
  • Digital Lotteries
    • Several shows have digital lotteries that you can enter for $30-$50 dollar tickets
    • Shows playing in Jujamcyn theaters use Lucky Seat. This system allows you to enter for a week’s worth of lotteries at a time which is AWESOME.
    • Nederlander Theaters use Broadway Direct for their lotteries
    • Shubert Organization shows use Telecharge Digital Lottery.
    • Roundabout Theater uses TodayTix for their lotteries.
  • HipTix, LincTix, MTC’s 30 under 35
    • Some organizations including Roundabout, Lincoln Center, and MTC have policies geared towards cheap tickets for young theater patrons.
    • Roundabout’s HipTix program gives two $30 tickets to patrons 18-40 for each Roundabout production.
    • LincTix gives members 21-35 the opportunity to buy a $32 ticket to shows at Lincoln Center Theater. If you want to buy tickets with someone else, they need to put in their LincTix number as well when you buy tickets.
    • MTC’s 30 under 35 program allows patrons under 35 to buy two $30 tickets to any MTC production.
  • TDF
    • If you are under 26 years old or if you meet certain other qualifications, you might be able to join the Theater Development Fund. Annual membership is $40.
    • Through TDF, you can purchase tickets to all kinds of theater productions in NYC including Broadway musicals and plays.
    • Broadway musical tickets tend to be around $48 dollars each and plays are around $42 each.
    • See if you’re eligible here.
  • TodayTix
    • TodayTix is an app that provides discounted tickets to Broadway shows.
    • TodayTix agents will stand outside theaters starting 30 minutes before show time, and you pick up your purchased tickets from them. They are easily identifiable in their red jackets/shirts.
  • BroadwayBox
    • BroadwayBox is a website that includes discount codes for many Broadway shows.
    • You can use these codes while buying tickets online or at the box office.
    • Their website also has fun videos and articles if you are interested in checking those out as well.
  • TKTS 
    • There are a few TKTS booths throughout NYC where you can get Broadway and off-Broadway show tickets for 20%-50% off.
    • The Times Square booth only does same day matinee or evening tickets depending on the time of day you go.
    • The Seaport and Lincoln Center Booths will do next day matinee tickets in addition to same day tickets.
    • They have an app that will tell you what is being sold at TKTS and the prices of the tickets. You can also get that information here. 

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